1. a person who behaves in response to a suggestion, stimulation or some other influence
  2. a device which uses atomic energy to produce heat
  3. a chemical substance which responds to the presence or contact with another substance

7 letters in word "reactor": A C E O R R T.

Anagrams of reactor:

Words found within reactor:

ace acer acre act actor ae aero ar arc arco are aret arrect arret art at ate atoc car care carer caret carr carrot cart carte carter cat cate cater cero cert coat coate coater cor core corer cot cote crare crate crater crore ea ear eat eco er era err et eta oar oat oater oca ocrea octa oe or ora orate orc orca ore orra ort race racer rare rat rate rater rato re react rear rec recoat recta recto rector ret retro roar roate roc roe rore rort rot rota rote ta tace taco tae tao tar tare taro taroc tarre te tea tear terr terra to toc toe toea tor tora torc tore torr trace tracer trocar